About Us

The Emerald Coast TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a chapter of Sunshine State TESOL of Florida. As a non-profit organization, Emerald Coast TESOL is dedicated to the advancement of the English as a Second Language profession and to serving the teachers/instructors and administrators in Northwest Florida.

Our Mission

The mission of Emerald Coast TESOL is to provide educators access to professional development, resources, interaction and to provide leadership and advocacy in language policy issues. We conduct an annual conference, hold quarterly meetings with professional development/learning opportunities, offer mentors and more!


President:  Amany Habib

Vice President/Conference Chair: Arlene Costello

Secretary/Treasurer: Kathy VanDyck

Membership Chair: Vicki Murphy

Editor, ECTESOL Bulletin and ECTESOL Review:  Laureen Fregeau

Media Specialist/SSTESOL Liaison:  Arlene Costello

Professional Development Officer: open

Member at Large – University of West Florida: Amany Habib

Member at Large – UWF-IEP: Keith Hardy

Member at Large – Springhill College: Sandra Rogers

Webmaster: Anthony Cornealius

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