LaCosta Latina, Studer Institute discuss community efforts

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LaCosta Latina, Studer Institute discuss community efforts

Grace McCaffery, editor of La Costa Latina and Shannon Nickinson, project manager for the Early Learning Center at the Studer Institute are working hard to make a difference in Pensacola as they explained to attendees at the Emerald Coast TESOL Winter Conference.

Both women shared PowerPoint presentations about their respective companies and how they are working to make a difference in the community.

McCaffery discussed the increase in the Latino population in Northwest Florida, briefly about immigration, and the history of the newspaper. She also talked about the paper’s circulation and efforts to educate and inform Spanish speakers with her bilingual publication.

Nickinson talked about the institute’s mission to “build a brain, build a life” through training and development for businesses and her department’s early education to help parents understand — and use – the power of language to boost brain development.

She also talked about how area agencies are working and partnering to help parents increase the brain power of their youngsters.

She told attendees about LENA Start, a company based on the belief that all parents have the ability to unlock their children’s  cognitive potential. A LENA recorder helps create a feedback loop that allows parents to see how much they talk to their young child and how much TV time the child has. The one-hour weekly sessions in small groups offer parents lessons on how best to talk and interact more with their children.  According to Nickinson, Pensacola is the first community in Florida to work with the LENA Research Foundation to host LENA Start.

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