Keynote speaker shares ELL data, encouragement

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Keynote speaker shares ELL data, encouragement

About 40 attendees listened to the Emerald Coast TESOL Winter Conference keynote speaker Chane Eplin on Saturday share key facts and data about English language learners in Florida.

Eplin explained that a lot of research shows that it takes about five to seven years for ELLs to matriculate through the system and become proficient in English. However, recent data shows it can take 2.35 years in Florida.

Eplin reminded the crowd that often ELLs are considered at-risk and not held to the same standards as other learners because of the language barrier. However, he said this discrepancy can be challenged by holding ELL learners to those same standards.

“Sometimes my colleagues think ‘Protect them, protect them.’ Sometimes I think we protect them too much and protect them from success,” he said. “I want you to remember how important it is we accelerate these children. Don’t look at it as remediation. The way we approach this is really important. We need to approach it on building what they already know.”

He also pointed out that ELL graduation rates in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties have shown a steady increase over the past few years.

“Just because they say it should take five years does not mean it should. ELLs can do it,” he added.










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