Can video gaming help ELLs level up in English?

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Can video gaming help ELLs level up in English?

Sandra Rogers shared some interesting data regarding a case study of Saudia Arabian students and how they assimilated English via video games.

Rogers said she and partner Burke Johnson conducted a case study to understand the digital gaming usage among Saudi students at a university English language program. Nationwide, Saudi students are the dominate language group enrolled in U.S. university programs.

The purpose was to obtain qualitative and quantitative data on the bounded system of Saudi students in regards to their gaming habits, personal attitudes and cultural views toward gaming, and attitude toward gaming for language learning, according to her abstract documentation. She used questionnaires and interviews to help gather data.

The findings indicated that Saudi ELLs enjoy commercial digital gaming and believe that they benefit educationally from the activity. They said they learned history, culture, English vocabulary, and more from the games. Rogers and Johnson also pointed out that students reported learning a great deal of English listening, speaking, and reading skills from gaming.


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