Marvin Taylor: Just what exactly DO you teach? Unmystifying acronyms ESOL, EFL TEFL, EAL, ESP, TESOL

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Marvin Taylor:  Just what exactly DO you teach?  Unmystifying acronyms ESOL, EFL TEFL, EAL, ESP, TESOL

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In social situations, many times we get puzzled looks on the faces of others when we reply to that inevitable question, “What do you do?” We respond by saying  “Well, I teach ESL.” Others among us might respond, “I teach ESOL.” Then the other person asks, “What is THAT?” As we try to explain, we wonder if even we ourselves are sure what is meant by the acronym describing our field.. Besides ESL and ESOL, we hear of EFL, EAL, TESL, TESOL, and TEFL. We might also hear other acronyms, such as LEP or ELL, both of whom might be subject to an IEP. If you yourself are bewildered by the acronyms and find yourself needing to explain them to, join this session. We’ll be glad to have you! Marvin Taylor served as instructor at the University of South Alabama English Language Center from 2004 to 2016 after teaching 14 years in the Gulf region (Saudi Arabia and UAE), plus seven years before in Alabama and Texas. His MS in Education is from Indiana University at Bloomington. He is currently an instructor in for Auburn Global at Auburn University.

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